Day 74 | Gangsta physique Day 10

The wind 💨 is easy and free blowing in my face and hair. My dreads flying away, and my Zorro hat choking my neck at the back. My guala hala sweater flowing  back, I felt like a real nigga Zorro on top of a BMX instead of a horse 🐴 . Oh my goodness it […]

Day 72 | Gangsta Physique Day 9

Yes, Mi Gente. Installed at home with some carbs on my bowl, played a little bit of GTA. The funny thing is: I was ready to kill some people, but then I heard a kid’s voice say “don’t kill me, don’t kill me, I don’t have any weapons.” I was like, am I really playing […]

Day 69 | Gangsta Physique Day 8

The guns are reloaded. The arms are on fire. You don’t wanna get in the chokehold position because the tennis ball will stop your adam’s apple from breathing. You already know the most important muscle on the guns is the tricep. That one is already uploading. Feels good. Feels like this is gonna improve my […]

Day 67 | Gangsta Physique Day 7

Yesterday, because I went to run, I didn’t workout the way I wanted to do it today, because my legs were already hurting, I didn’t have to do a lot. I’m gonna keep it like that, so I’m gonna try do my live video, very happy to forget the pain. Since tonight we have Kitaba […]

Day 57 | Mexico: 4 days to go

Good morning Mi Gente, actually I woke up at 6 o’clock in the morning. I went to bed around 1 o’clock in the morning. Kizomba Canada, what a show last night at Bachata Invasion. Was good vibes and good feelings when we got to the stage. The performance was delightful. After that, we had a […]

Day 56 | Bachata Invasion

Oh my god. In the middle of my leg workout, I remembered why people hate leg workout. I stand up and my hamstrings were burning as a motherfucker. My ass felt like someone was slapping it non stop. When I did my calves, or whatever baseball bats I have on my legs, I was like […]

Day 56 | Gangsta Physique Day 3

Good morning, Mi Gente! What a great night yesterday, or evening, or whatever you want to fucking call it. It’s been a long time I haven’t crossed the border to go to Vermont. Me and the team went to pay some respects to DSantos VT, our first franchise, teach a class, and be at the […]

Day 55 | Gangsta Physique Day 2

Finished my workout right now. Wow what a workout, man I almost forgot how to work out my back. Pull ups were so hard today, because I did them yesterday. As I was figuring out my workout as I go, man it felt great. But one thing I noticed. Having a personal trainer is one […]

Day 54 | Gangsta Physique Day1

I am at the gym. Subscribing. They making me fill a form. I hate forms, that is just like school. That’s why I started my own business, so I wouldn’t have to deal with forms and bullshit. I hate forms. It’s so long, I’m already paying everything they want me to pay, why do they […]