Day 69 | Gangsta Physique Day 8

The guns are reloaded. The arms are on fire. You don’t wanna get in the chokehold position because the tennis ball will stop your adam’s apple from breathing. You already know the most important muscle on the guns is the tricep. That one is already uploading. Feels good. Feels like this is gonna improve my lifting game in kizomba. Now the swipes in semba are not gonna be any problem because the gun technique is getting elevated. It’s just hard to fold my arms right now because they feel a little squeezed. Yeah yeah, I know I need to stretch up a little bit and do some foam rolls on my body and get a message and all that bullshit. But it’s only day 8 and I love the swollen feeling about it.

Yeah, it feels good to train because now I am starving. And you know your doctor feel like finishing a steak. I’m sorry my vegan community, some old habits don’t die, and that’s one of them. But for now I’m just getting some cashew nuts and thinking about the steak. No no no no! I’m not gonna join this shower, because you already know how I feel about these niggas dick fungus. You already know I’m not sharing my toes in these showers where these niggas wash their balls. I’d rather use the showers at Espace des Arts or at my house, because I trust them showers much more. No fucking fungus.

Thank you for my readers to keep entertained and laughing at my posts. I’m just being real and honest about these things. And finally, I’m gonna get my BMX out! I can work extra work on my legs, you already know the metro situation, I’m gonna start biking from my house to the studio, so that I can work on my baseball legs and even out the body, because I don’t wanna look like Johnny Bravo motherfuckers with all chest and no legs. My skateboard is gonna be out, my BMX is gonna be out, so your boy can even out his skills. The weather is fantastic in Montreal, not too cold, not too hot, it’s just beautiful. The revolution of nerds, niggas like your doctor are coming out, because we hate the cold weather, but we love to be outside.

More dancing, check out my private classes, your boy Dr. Kizomba keeps on introducing new students into the market, the way every single instructor should. Or shoulda woulda coulda but y’all motherfuckers are on some bullshit! Now I’m gonna lap the market. Na na nanana!

I will see you on my next post. See you soon my people!

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