Day 74 | Gangsta physique Day 10

The wind 💨 is easy and free blowing in my face and hair. My dreads flying away, and my Zorro hat choking my neck at the back. My guala hala sweater flowing  back, I felt like a real nigga Zorro on top of a BMX instead of a horse 🐴 . Oh my goodness it feels good to be biking again! 😁 I just got my BMX fully loaded again, I’m talking about fully loaded. 4 pads, street brakes, front and back, racer red dragon but in color black, light as a motherfucker. Fast the way it should. One year I don’t see my baby 😍. Now my legs are not gonna have any excuses. The weather is good. I will not need a metro pass to come to work since I need to work on my legs any way.

I just Wednesday right now in her stroller. She’s really cute. She’s getting big. Our baby is becoming a little princess. I can’t wait to shoot the first nigga that try.😝

Today we got Kitaba with my boy DJ Fofo Jah. But before Kitaba, today I gotta get this turtle back back to work, because yesterday I was interrupted because of work. But today I’m gonna make sure I work out this back and kill it and kill it and kill it like a motherfucker. Check the results Mi Gente, check the results.

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