Dr. Kizomba Live! – Ep. 20 – 2018-05-02

Mi Gente, first we had the Dr. Kizomba Show, now we have the weekly FREE #kizomba class, taught by your boy Manuel Dos Santos III on every Wednesday at 8:30pm EST.

Wanna learn more? Check out to learn at your own pace online with Manuel Dos Santos.

Tonight’s music:
Kyaku kyadaff: “Lola”, “Noite Na Galileia”
C4 Pedro: “Quero Mais Love”
Bela Chicola: “Ndoto”
Preto Show ft. Biura: “Sacanagem”
Mdo: “Sem Maneiras”
Lil Saint: “Qumica”

Streamed live from Espaces Des Arts studios in Montreal.

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