Day 75 | Boston: 1 day to go

Good day. I wanted to leave with my BMX today because I was all happy that yesterday I finally was able to leave Espace des Arts riding through the streets of Montreal. But I mean riding my BMX through the streets of Montreal, like that movie in the 80s with Nicole Kidman BMX Bandits. Shiiiiiit. […]

Day 74 | Gangsta physique Day 10

The wind 💨 is easy and free blowing in my face and hair. My dreads flying away, and my Zorro hat choking my neck at the back. My guala hala sweater flowing  back, I felt like a real nigga Zorro on top of a BMX instead of a horse 🐴 . Oh my goodness it […]

Day 74 | Boston: 2 days to go

Good morning Mi Gente, it’s your unapologetic fucking boy. Just woke up, feeling a little crazy because I had a crazy night’s sleep. I can’t quite remember my dream but that don’t matter because I woke up in the best city in the world, with the best weather in the world. Yes I am talking […]