Day 75 | Boston: 1 day to go

Good day. I wanted to leave with my BMX today because I was all happy that yesterday I finally was able to leave Espace des Arts riding through the streets of Montreal. But I mean riding my BMX through the streets of Montreal, like that movie in the 80s with Nicole Kidman BMX Bandits. Shiiiiiit. You are for sure too young to know that shit, little babies! That’s my type of movie, it came out the year I was born, 1983 baby! The coolest motherfuckers on the planet were born that year. And that’s why I got my BMX, just like in that movie. Still own my skateboard but yesterday felt nice riding and cruising and getting on the sidewalk when people were there and hopping off the sidewalk with a high jump. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit, this nigga still got it. At the age of motherfucking 35 with my Zorro hat. I felt like a kid again. Ahhhhh. This is wassup. You could see my last teeth from me smiling. And then when I get to a ramp, I just let the wheel and control my BMX by sitting down. Wheel-less meaning not holding the wheel and just let that motherfucker cruise and the wind pumping on my face and the dreads flowing back and the Zorro hat hanging around my neck. Poetic justice. Yeah that’s the BMX Bandits numero uno aka Dr. Kizomba. Man, I got high! But not with drugs, because today is day #75, 25 to go till 100 hundred! And I thought I was gonna do the same thing today with my bus until I saw the weather, rain pumping on my face.

Fuck it, I need a Starbucks. I’m gonna get it, it’s not my problem, they apologized to those 2 kids, I think. Hehehe, I don’t think the barista dude at the counter was used to seeing a nigga. I asked him, “how many black people you got coming into starbucks bro? Not many? I’m kidding, bro, I’m kidding.” Everybody so politically correct nowadays. Boycott starbucks, man, I cannot even listen to Kanye West anymore, where can I get my underwears, them bunch of racists at H&M? I need to get me a white friend to go buy me some, fuck that I ain’t going in that store.

I had to shave my beard because broccolis were coming out of my face because you know I am black and my hair instead of being curly it becomes like broccoli and I have to shave it off. And you know it’s a good thing that my skin get burned yet because otherwise it was gonna big problem. And I had to put 2 lines in the representation of my name, Dos, on the side of my head. I’m just fucking with you, it’s all good. My barber just put the 2 lines right there because of I dunno why. He find it cute.

Something crazy just happened. I was actually writing, and my barber was on the otherside of the metro. A girl passed in front of me and she had a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiig ass. My head just did a swerve move and my barber on the other side of the platform was laughing. When I look up, I was typing about him putting the 2 lines on my head, and I see him laughing at me. That was a surreal moment. Wow, this is crazy.
I’m gonna put a throwback picture in the bunch, just because it is throwback Thursday. You gonna have to look for it. That way I will know you read my post until now if you comment about the picture on the post. This is for my readers!

Getting ready for Boston. But first, gonna go eat my steak and get ready for the #gangstaphysique!

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