Day 74 | Boston: 2 days to go

Good morning Mi Gente, it’s your unapologetic fucking boy. Just woke up, feeling a little crazy because I had a crazy night’s sleep. I can’t quite remember my dream but that don’t matter because I woke up in the best city in the world, with the best weather in the world. Yes I am talking about Montreal. Now I can actually skateboard because the weather is so fantastic. I’m actually at the skateboard park, but I left my skateboard at home, because I need to do my #gangstaphysique.

All I saw today was people talking about Kanye West. To be honest, really, I’m not even gonna say anything about the Kanye West situation because most of the people that is talking about Kanye West I don’t think that ever liked Kanye West, I just think they are people that always disliked the guy and because of Internet is a free place where everyone put their opinion, now they putting their 2 cents. These niggas don’t even hear about College Drop Out or Graduation, they didn’t listen to the first, second or third album, these people don’t know about the accident that he had, these niggas don’t even know about how he lost his mother. But yeah, it’s a free world and everybody can have a different opinion about other people. I do understand that the boy is not in his right state of mind right now, but if we all gonna judge someone who is unstable, and every single thing that come out of their mouth without understanding the source, you’re the same people that say autistic people are crazy. I’m not agreeing with what he said, but this news feed is just so tainted that everybody just seem to write something without having any clue or knowledge about the situation that is going on. I actually saw his interview with Charlemagne while I was eating yesterday, and I am a big fan of Kanye West. Yes, the guy is misguided. But he ain’t stupid or crazy. He is not really riding with trump like people is stating that he is doing. Maybe people should see the whole interview instead of talking about what other people are saying without understanding the full context of the matter. Again, I’m not defending. New challenge: avoiding news feeds for one month.

I went to my skateboard store before going to the gym to work on my gangsta physique. I copped my cowboy hat that you gonna see on the Dr. Kizomba show today. I look like Zorro or some shit. Speaking of the Dr. Kizomba show, today’s topics are only going to be 2 or 1, depending on how I’m feeling. The topic is gonna be “relationships on kizomba dance floor”. I bet everyone is gonna feel a type of way about that because your boy Dr. Kizomba is gonna hit the nail about certain situations that happen and can happen while your girlfriend or spouse is taken out of the dance floor. Little hint: how many people have they been with before you? Hehehehe.


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