Day 54 | Gangsta Physique Day1

I am at the gym. Subscribing. They making me fill a form. I hate forms, that is just like school. That’s why I started my own business, so I wouldn’t have to deal with forms and bullshit. I hate forms. It’s so long, I’m already paying everything they want me to pay, why do they want more info. Just take my money and let me workout!

This is gonna be a 3 month challenge. I hope I come out a beast out of this gym. No protein shakes, not supplements, just natural food. No extra gains, just cutting and eating a lot. A lot of pain is gonna happen here. Gangsta physique: why? The basics only. Chest, back, legs, arms, a little bit of abs, sometimes the neck. Baby face, but straight muscle. No bull, no bias. No extra cardio. I’m just gonna increase my kuduro level, my semba level, kizomba is just a cool-off.

It’s been a long time since I didn’t work out, so this is gonna be fucking painful. Fucking painful. But hey! Gangsta physique day 1, because yesterday I promised y’all that I was gonna workout, but I was a little lazy. So today, I got myself a 3 month membership, so the saga belief. Usually you supposed to do chest on Monday, but I got 3 months to complete, so let’s do this gangsta physique.

Gloves, check. Because I don’t wanna have hard hands when I am touching my kizomba girls. My hands are soft, and I wanna keep it that way. iWatch ready. I didn’t even stretch or anything, I’m gonna start with pullups and rows, 5 and 5.

And here is my post-workout report. Day 1.

The chest doesn’t hurt. Yet. But I feel like I got a new pair of boobs. Now I understand all the ladies that possess fake boobs. Feels like I have a pair of those on my chest. I worked out my upper chest, middle chest, outside chest, lower chest. Pumped that motherfucker, and make it feel like ice cream.

Going straight to the barber. I’m sorry, no I did not take a shower, bunch of testosterones taking a shower together, I think its nasty. Don’t wanna step on no fucking man hair on my toes and give me some type of man dick toe fungus, what the fuck. But I feel great on my first workout so far. When I left the gym, I felt I could run a marathon! I know it is nothing important, it is just a feeling, but what a feeling. WHAT a feeling. Oh my god, I missed the gym. This put a smile on my face. Before going home and eating a meal, I’m getting a mochachino at my Yeh! Yogurt place, my coffee partner for the past 5 years. After finishing my workout at Nutella Plus, right upstairs next to Espace des Arts. So now I am gonna have no excuse to ever be late to class.

Day 1 of the gangsta physique! I’m gonna keep this up for 3 months.

What a feeling.

I can’t wait for legs day.

P.S. posting this right after the barber. I was telling them that it was day 54, and they all laughed. No way, they said, 2 days and they’d cut someone. I told them it’s only the first 20 days that are really hard, it gets easier after but they said nope. 2 days, no booze, and they snap. They’d kill someone because there are just too many motherfuckers out there. Hehehe, it’s true. But hey! They cut my hair, love that feeling of a fresh hair cut.

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