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Good morning Mi Gente. Yesterday your doctor was a bad boy. I only slept at 6 o’clock in the morning, due to one of my students. Navi is going back to India, so we had a little get-together for him, and we stayed up till 4 o’clock in the morning, talking until people started falling asleep. When I came home, I was about to go to bed, but one promoter that lives in Europe called me at 5 o’clock in the morning, and started explaining his insecurities until 6 o’clock in the morning. I really didn’t want to hear all that bullshit, but you know, the combination of being polite took me a good 30 minutes to tell him to shut the fuck up and I don’t really care and I need to get my sleep because today is #gangstaphysiqueday2. We break are gonna break the blood clot back. That is the reason after listening to him squawking the same story over and over and over and over again, I had to tell him to stfu, and I need to go to bed. Oh yeah, and another thing? Why do promoters gotta say “I don’t need kizomba money, I have my own money, I do my own work”? Shut the fuck up. Y’all niggas sound like you are not happy at your work and you wish you could just exchange work and become a full-time dancer. But you can’t because your skills won’t take you there. You chose to work all your life, and not you realize that your life is boring, and now you trying to come here and tell me that your job is more important. Nah, that is basically the conversation I was having with that particular individual at that particular time at 6 o’clock in the morning. Nah.

As we speak right now, just woke up at noon, got my shake and let me tell you one thing. Today is number 55 of soberness, alcohol and smokes free. Just yesterday I got almost everybody drunk because I was the bartender. As you see in the picture, that is when Navi passed away, hopefully he is gonna be able to catch his flight to India tomorrow.

Man, as I was taking the metro to go to the gym, I see a motherfucker, I don’t really have to say no name, no names, no colors, because I am gonna start to limit the colors on my posts, because stupid motherfuckers come in every colors and shapes. One lady came onto the train and wanted to come and sit down and this ugly ass old dude cut the lady on the first trial and he sat in her spot. I looked and didn’t say nothing, because oh well, maybe he was tired. But then this dude opens his legs like a pregnant lady. You know, pregnant ladies, when they sit, they need a little space because they have a belly, you know what I  meant. And this other lady come on the train, and tries to sit next to him, but this dude has his legs wide open so she was sitting uncomfortable on the corner, and he was cool with this. I slapped the dude on the shoulder, like “hey what we doing right here? This train is made for 2 people. You have your space and the lady has her space too. You not gonna be here, opening up your legs and not letting the lady sit down. You not mother Teresa helping us out with your open legs. Close your legs.” Everybody on the train laughed because they saw I had a point, but clearly this motherfucker thought his family owned the train, but in my head, I’m thinking ever body paid to get on this train, so if there is a seat, you sit on one seat like everybody else, because everybody gets their spot regardless of their gender or their height or wtv they are. So for me, as I am going to do my back workout, I have to encounter uncomfortable situations like that, aka assholes on the street every day. It is just unfortunate that we have assholes acting like that in 2018. I think there is no cure for stupidity. But hey what am I saying. I think I am just gonna my coffee at Yeh! And go workout. Time for some positive messages. Maybe after my workout I will have some positive messages.

Today is the Gindungo social, Dsantos VT is having their social. Me and Flavie and some of the Kizomba Canada team are going there to teach a class. It’s been awhile, we going there to show some love and support. As well, tomorrow we are going to perform and teach in Montreal in Bachata Invasion. Sunday, we have our regular practice. It’s gonna be an epic weekend.

Today, let me just say… ready for the rumble.

See you soon after my workout, because you already know, something gonna happen in the gym that will require my report.

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