Day 55 | Gangsta Physique Day 2

Finished my workout right now. Wow what a workout, man I almost forgot how to work out my back. Pull ups were so hard today, because I did them yesterday. As I was figuring out my workout as I go, man it felt great. But one thing I noticed. Having a personal trainer is one thing. But if I am going to go to the gym, and I’m gonna have a personal trainer, that motherfucker better be ripped as fuck. Because I was watching a motherfucker training another nigga at the gym, but that nigga wasn’t bigger than me. Now I am a skinny nigga, and I don’t wanna have another skinny nigga like myself training me. I want someone who knows how to develop the muscle mass or the form, to teach me. If I wanna be a good dance if I wanna improve I gotta go to a good dancer to teach me. And I think the same rules apply at the gym. Makes sense? I’m not gonna say too much, but I am just gonna continue watching people as they work out. Today was the back day, aka the representation of the back.

As I was going to the toilet, I had a shake this morning. And the mix between the shake and the coffee it allowed me to go the toilet… I thought I was going to pee. But you guys, if you know Ray Barretto the drummer…. I was playing some salsa drums on the toilet, aka rakatatatatatatum ka POW. The combination of the coffee and the shake and the water I drank through my workout, it was pretty hectic. Yes, my readers, you know no bull no bias. I gotta report all this literal shit. Oh well, here we go again. So gym day 2, toilet action drum rolls. I was on fire.

At this moment, hitting the road with my main rider Monique Malenfant, we going to Vermont with the other co-pilots, the dream team is ready. We gonna teach a class, do a little bit of dancing and bounce back because we have things to do tomorrow in Montreal. But today it’s all about Dsantos VT. Let’s go check their new studio and pay our respects and come right back.

Kudos, see you guys soon, and I hope you enjoyed the back picture.

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