Day 54 | Vermont: 1 day to go

Good afternoon. Wow, what an amazing Kitaba night last night. Each week, keeps on getting better. Gotta give it up to my boy Fofo Jah, he did an impeccable job. The dance floor was off the chain. The students were happy and in pain, their feet, I’m talking about. So much dancing going on the dance floor. I gotta give it up for the Kizomba Canada team for inviting everybody to dance and avoiding any cliques forming in our social. Yes, I said it. No cliques. A fluid dance floor and the atmosphere was off the chain. And as well, yesterday, I had a talk on my live video about having a big number of male students coming to class. As big as the number of female students, and sometimes even bigger. That rarely happens in a dance class. But not at the Dr. Kizomba class! There is a consistency, full representation of male dancers. Even when they injured, they still show up to dance. Regardless of their color, their age, their social status. I asked them, I asked them why they love the class so much, well, I didn’t ask them, I told them why they love the class so much, and they all agreed with me: the other male instructors make them feel uncomfortable. I’m talking locally. Because they aren’t trying to teach them, but they try to show off what they can do and what the students can’t do. So the students usually say, fuck this shit, I’m not coming here to be embarrassed, I’m coming here to learn and get better. And if the teacher cannot uplift my mood, when I am already insecure about my steps – that is why I am taking these classes! – what the fuck am I paying him for? That was very certain in some of the students yesterday, and I’m already starting to see advanced students that are joining my professional team like my boy Millions. Hard work pays off. Started from the bottom, now he’s here. Started a student, now he is a performer. And soon, a world traveler. That’s some inspirational shit. That’s the Dr. Kizomba way.

This picture that I am gonna post, from DSantos NC make me smile a lot yesterday while I was at Kitaba. Those are my grandkids. Students of my students, that took my North Carolina franchise and gave me the flower before I die, aka Dsantos Dance NC, under the leadership of my grand-student Haley. To see them representing their company and vibes, like the way we do it here in Montreal, Sarisa way to go. Haley, amazing idea for those hashtag cards, so they had to show off their #dsantosdancenc tags. In their own studio! Own! I’m just smiling as I see my kids grow.

I’m gonna leave you with that note, because I gotta go get ready to go to that gym, to get that gangsta physique. Today, Imma start with chest. Tomorrow, back. Saturday, legs, oh that shit is gonna hurt. Sunday, arms and shoulders. Monday, I’m gonna be in so much pain for kuduro. But I need to do this shit, so I guess I’m gonna skip cardio, because kuduro is gonna burn 970 calories, my goal of the day.

See you soon my people, I will snap pictures of my gangsta physique workout, day 1. And I’m sorry for the late post, I was searching for video games last night, and I fell asleep on the couch.


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