Day 56 | Bachata Invasion

Oh my god. In the middle of my leg workout, I remembered why people hate leg workout. I stand up and my hamstrings were burning as a motherfucker. My ass felt like someone was slapping it non stop. When I did my calves, or whatever baseball bats I have on my legs, I was like that’s why black people don’t like to work this muscle! This motherfucker hurts, and makes you feel like your feet are glued to the floor. So I feel very heavy from the bottom down. Usually, ladies have strong bottoms, now I understand why. Respect for all the ladies in the world because they naturally have leg material. Mad respect for all the ladies in the universe. Well, not all, because I saw some skinny bitches too, from the legs down.

Gotta get ready for the show tonight with the team, but my body still in pain. Tonight we have Bachata Invasion. Teaching at 9pm, performing at 11:30-midnight with the Kizomba Canada squad.

Let the fun begin.

I’m gonna take my time so that I am able to remember the choreography that I haven’t done in a long time and push myself to keep up with my team, obviously they are better than me, but fight against my body because I’m in muscle pain because of this gangsta physique. One more day to go to complete the week! Today was the challenging day, as you can see I worked a little bit on my baseball bats, and perform in pain. Immaculate pain.

Let’s do this, Mi Gente. Good to be on the stage again. See you guys tonight and for the people that keep on reading my posts, thank you so much for the DM messages in a way of encouragement, and thank you so much for listening to my nonsense because it matters to me. I’m glad that I inspire the ones whose voices cannot come out because of the status that they have at their job, or insecurities they have and my voice help them understand that overcoming their challenges is still possible. Bullet! While I’m getting into my hot hot hot shower so my muscles can be well well well burned, that’s the way I deal with my muscle pain, put hot water on top of the muscle. As I’m taking my shower, yeah man, this is my second daily post of the day.

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