Day 13 | Gindungo: 22 to go

Good day Mi Gente.
I’m really thinking seriously of career change. I need to sign up for some comedy. Cuz not being able to drink and smoke has made me realize that I can take more stupidity than ever and talking about it is funny as fuck! I’m gonna start by my 2 or 3 posts this morning that I just posted on my wall.
  1. “Oops, sorry, I missed your call. I was dancing to the ringtone.” Hehehehe. I have that Lil Uzi Vert song as my ringtone on my phone. You know that song, “I don’t really care if you cryyyyyyyy / On the real you should’ve never lied/ Should’ve saw the way she looked me in my eyes/She said baby I am not afraid to die/Push me to the edge/All my friends are dead/Push me to the edge/All my friends are dead” That’s my tune man! When it starts playing, I start dancing, and a lot of times I miss my phone call. This is stupid, but so much fun.
  2. Someone asked me, who’s your best friend while I was listening to Beyoncé’s song Me, Myself and I.  And that gave me the idea for that picture! I’m my best friend. Meaning you cannot really have any best friends if you are not in tune with yourself. As I am getting in tune with myself, I’m my best friend. So I made a nice collage, y’all need to go my facebook Manuel Dos Santos the third and you gonna see what real Niggadom art is supposed to look like.
  3. Speaking of Niggadom, my 3rd and last post of this morning “Niggas seen Black Panther twice in one week, but ain’t seen their children in a year. Wakanda father are you?” I was talking to my brother Russelius, and this shit came on the conversation. Deaaaaaaaaaaaaad, I’m fucking dying, I’m fucking dying you. Niggas, you gotta get your priorities first! Stop being emotional.
Gotta give it up to Baila Con Gusto yesterday. I never danced so much salsa and bachata and a little bit of kizomba in one night. Edson and DJ Sabrusso, great job. Great job on the salsa! DJ Coco, oh my coco, you did the job on bachata. DJ Jean Nunez, ya man! You did what you had to do.
On the other note. Shit, we already on Day 13 of soberness and smoke free. Yesterday my bartender Marina hooked me up with a lot of juices, and she was mixing the juices like they were cocktails. I gotta give up for my bartender, she makes the best cocktails sans alcohol! And I had to stop so many people from giving me drinks and shots, omg. Everyone was giving me alcohol and not believing that I’m not drinking. This was hard! Not the not-drinking part, the not-drinking part is easy. But explaining to people that I’m not drinking! Again, some of my friends were coming and having that conversation “I’m so proud of you”… Man, stop man, what happened to “Hi, how you doing”? No instead it’s “I’m so proud of you stopping drinking” Fuck man, can I get a dance? But I know it’s coming from the loving side of their body, but fuuuuuck. It’s exhausting! Your nigga trying to have fun, but you guys still reminding him about the drinking drinking drinking. I guess the aftermath is the worst, it’s not even the war! And yes, I’m noticing that some motherfuckers are reading my posts and seeing my lives, because of the way they sit in the corner, plotting about it and making faces and looking at me when I’m dancing. Yeeeeeeeeeeah bitches! Its hurting your asses. Can’t wait to talk about you at 5 oclock #talkingshit #volume5
Promotion time: we got 22 days for Gindungo Mi Gente! Hydrate yourselves Mi Gente! Eat properly Mi Gente! Bc you are gonna live the most ridiculous 3 or 4 days of your life in 22 days.
  • Gindungo – the one and only festival in this universe
  • Gindungo – the name says everything
  • Gindungo – the home of Wakanda
 Muchas Gracias Mi Gente, especially for the ones that read my posts and get a kick out of it. I do it for you. I do it for your entertainment. I do it for your breaks so you can have a good laugh even if the job is hard. And that’s #realtalk.
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