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Man oh man oh man. Tunisia. Okay, I’m still tired but let me tell you one thing. The party is crazy. These people love to party I mean LOOOOOVE to party. They are very party animals and they don’t complicate the system. Let me just tell you about few things.

Man, I just finished my third workshop, the party animation at the pool. It was ridiculous nice and the rain start pouring and me here with my American vibes and diva spirit, I’m thinking like they’d gonna stop. Nooooooo. There was already a phone machine working so these people were dancing in the rain with the phone on the ground. You can go to my Snapchat stories (@drkizomba) to see what I’m talking about because I didn’t even have the time to tape nothing.

My second workshop it was Afro house kuduro. There were 3 girls right here, they were so amazing they backed me up for the entire workshop. I’m still tired. As soon as I got back to my room, my neighbors were going hard in their sex life. The girl was really into it by the screams, yeah. I guess I have to sleep now.

Finally I met my boy Sami El Magico and his beautiful partner Carolina. Carolina actually took my kuduro workshop, I was so amazed. And she is from Spain so I don’t even have to speak Arabic with her. Like I even speak Arabic but I’m learning few words.

Ok my people I’m really tired I need to hit the bed now.


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