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Tunisia. Omg it’s 9 oclock and I have so much jet lag but I cannot sleep! My body is tired as fuck, man! I’m yawning as I am writing. Oh Lord help me, Allah s’il vous plait!

The party last night was off the chain. But let me tell you one thing. These ladies right here, woooooo! When it comes to dancing, my feet hurt yesterday. I felt like a kitaba member for the first time. Meaning I literally I didn’t have time to drink, well I always can squeeze time for that, but was back to back to back to back. At one point, I just saw myself literally soaked in the middle of the dance floor and I didn’t even have time to go and change my wet Narcos T-shirt. So I was wet like Pablo and the Medellin cartel.

Ok my people it’s time to get up, I’m gonna go take a shower and eat some breakfast and try sleep a bit before my workshops.

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