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Just landed in an amazing beautiful country. Hammamet, Tunisia is just like Canada and USA, and to be exact the roads are better than Montreal, I mean I am not gonna talk about the salt that we had because of the winter or the Mafia that putting sand in between the cement. But right here in Tunisia, woooooow this shit is on point. There’s a lot of cars tho. Not a lot of stop lights but no accidents at all and they all understand each other. I think that’s amazing. I think we have more accidents than they do here and they don’t have a lot of stop lights. Common sense driving type of shit.

Just finished my first workshop in Tunisia SBK and I did it all in French. Poor students. Listen to my Franglais mixed with Québécois with a drop of Creole on it. It felt really good. The students are willing to learn, passionate, Japanese picture picture picture, you know, wooooow. It’s just the African warm chaleur. I am definitely, DEFINITELY in love with this country and it’s one of my first Arabic countries that I’ve been and to be honest with you these Gods and Godivas run their shit tight. Very respectful. Even tho some of them don’t drink they sit at the same table with you, smoking and talking, normal.

So Mi Gente please come and visit this country when you have the chance. I’m gonna continue the party right now, I’m a little jet lagged but you know, so be it, let me put another few drinks on it. My 2nd workshop is at 1pm tomorrow. Do you believe that I have 3 workshops more, with 1 or 2 on Sunday and I have already done one?! They working your #drkizomba! And when you watch my video you gonna see they made a shirt with my face and people don’t even know my name, they know me as Dr Kizomba! One girl had to ask “what is your real first name?”. I was like “Oh. Manuel.”

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