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Kendra I don’t know if you realized but at Gindungo you came and ask me to dance more than 5 times, while I had to organize the festival. Even though I told you I couldn’t, you did not gave up on me and still came. Yes it was the first time I really looked at your golden eyes and realized how beautiful you are in a woman form. Thank you for being the only person at the festival to look in my eyes and took time to appreciate my hard work on my own and understand my personal struggle within without asking any questions. You read me like my mom.

This is to tell you that I appreciate the gorgeous person u are and it never came out sexually even though you are gorgeous like hell. Your love and respect and appreciation did it all for me, thank you. Now am in Tunisia but last week I was in New Jersey you did everything to come and see us but u got sick and I totally understand. But what you did with this picture and put on your office of work so you can look every day and remember G4, girl am literally in tears. I love your soul you grow into me in a weekend, sister say the name and I’ll murder humbly. I say Thank You.

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