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Wow I just realized that am no longer African, meaning I am African but I don’t understand the African ways no more. The Jamaican and Haitian influences are very powerful, special black America that I just realized I grow up with. Am trying to get or show some love to the African dudes like head bowing on the low for that wakanda shit so niggas know we all together, hahaha no nigga! I guess they don’t get it, it’s like each for his own type, like “I am here doing my job, please don’t mess up my pay check you make me look bad” damn…

Really, the continent that I am supposed to feel home and I don’t even feel home on my flight to Casablanca. That’s weird as fuck, like for real man. Am in the plane full of Québécois and Arabs and they treat the Canadians like Royalty. I mean Royalty, including me like am some type of American Black Dude, really ?!? As soon as I land I’ll keep you posted. So far so good. Well… Royal Air Maroc, please get some internet on your flights, it’s a struggle here but I love the food and the drinks and the people so far…

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