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OMG Ali Mahershala. Dude, you just became my Black inspiration and dopest actor. Everything about your swag it reminds me of my dad. You just became my idol. Oscar well deserved Mr Mahershala, Oscar well deserved. Viggo Mortensen, ufff no one can play the Italian Vilano better than you. Believe that every time you came on I was like thank you lord Jesus and u did save the day. Great actor got me moving. Wow, just wow.

Green Book the movie really cut it deep, specially because I am black. It showed me at least how much an artist put up with nonsense and discrimination just to keep going and look and be professional. On the low it showed me that yeah, I thought that was only me putting up with this type of crap. I guess yeah some people really had it rough but that’s far from the point, it made me feel bad for other white folks that are not from USA and still get as discriminated as Black folks do and their lack of fear and short fuse helped my brother Ali realize that fuck that this STOPS right now.

Okay you can definitely see that am turned up because of this movie. Please please please watch this movie. Amazing story, great actors and totally family values that we all need to embrace.

Here is your Dr Kizomba Travel Blog. I’ll keep you posted with every single activity. Am on it m, trust me it will be a thrill…

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