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Welcome Ryen and bye Ryen. My friend from many many years, she graduated and then she moved to San Diego and got married and has a daughter and is living happily the American dream with the dream job of her career. Ryen is a very inspiration great friend and #DrKizomba original privates student. I dunno I think she took 50 or 60 or maybe 70 privates with me. She always been a good sport. Beyond friendship, she always been an awesome person. I’m sorry Ryen, your friend has grown and I became an international dancer. I know we used to drink a lot of wine, talk shit, while you were studying and graduating but now your boy and he got work to do. I wish I could hang out with you a little bit more but I am glad that at least I saw you and said “Welcome to my city” – because I’m the mayor now, anyway. Now bye, and take care of my city. I will see Montreal on Monday but not you, because you gonna be gone by then.

Yes, I really miss you girl and this post I took the time to dedicate it to you. Great things you doing with your daughter and your husband and I’m very impressed and proud of your new life.

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