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It goes like this.

Tunisia Tunisia Tunisia. Not only a beautiful country but wow, man! I’m not even gonna say too much but I’m gonna start by saying: I feel like an artist here. Yeah man! Like Michael Jackson shit! They showing me SO much love and respect. And they really and truly treating me like a king. I know, I’m big on respect, that’s why I love my Jamaicans. But man! The kingdom of Islam, Jesus Christ man. Oh sorry. Muhammad, Muhammad. They are so hospitable. Without me thinking, they already know what I need. And these people love to dance man, they love to dance. They take dance serious, man. I’m gonna have to say, yes all my promoters treat me very well, everywhere I go. But shit, to have food delivered to you, room service type of shit, and everything I want, more than 3-4 plates, to have people walk up to me and stop me and ask me “what is your name, but your real name?” because they just know me as #drkizomba right here. To have ladies coming up to me, and even guys, asking personal questions about myself, and asking if my mommy is ok, shit, Muhammad, you the shit! Man, and I just got another contract for Algeria. Man, keep on coming, keep on coming. Right now, once a year I need to come to an Islamic country to reboost myself. Maaaaan, the cameras are all over me, you have no choice to hide, but you can’t even hide. On the dance floor, they so hospitable, I can’t even leave the dancefloor because there is a line of ladies waiting to dance with your doctor. The literally booking their dances before, just giving me the nod to say they’re the next one. I was dripping sweaty, like in Canada and USA people would be like “ewwww”. And I’m talking about top of the notch Jasmine looking girls, you know Jasmine, Aladdin’s girlfriend? They look exactly like that. Embracing my sweat and smiling while I’m dripping all over them. Michael Jackson, you right. We are the woooooorld, we are the children, we are the ones who make a brighter day, so let’s start giving.

Well, I’ve got 2 more videos to post of my classes today and I gotta put my Gatsby outfit so I can go upstairs and party. I’ll keep you posted with my writing of course.

Wa alaykum salam!

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