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Omg. I woke up well my body woke up before my eyes open up but my body still tired. I dunno if it jet lag, I dunno if it is too much dancing I dunno if it is partying full 5 o’clock in the morning, but Rest In Peace to my body.

Yesterday, me and the Algerian boys and my Portuguese brothers that also lives in Algeria and my Tunisian family we had 2 rooms and it actually worked. One room for kizomba, one room for salsa and bachata and we partied till 5 o’clock in the morning. I never danced to so much Arabic music in my life.

Omg guys. This one is for my black people. We got brothers and sisters from Tunisia specially in the south there is a lot of us. So this picture that you see, this sister is born and raised in Tunisia and the complexion even get darker. I am absolutely thrilled and amazed to know that. They are Muslim as well and they are coooooooool as fuck. So I believe that one of my purposes on this trip is really to educate y’all about our kind that is all over the world. Specially with the lack of knowledge that we inflict a lot on the other side of the continent, a lot of ignorance, the posts are more about things that don’t really matter than the things that matter. If you have the money, I suggest you the best way to spend: get on that plane. Cross borders. See how people really live. I need to know a little bit more about this culture, but so far, so amazing. If I had time, I was gonna take a trip to the south. But I’m planning on something far more deeper. Stay tuned.

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