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Well today is Sunday. This weekend I’ve been teaching with me, well, French I’ll call it, or Franglais or my French du Canada lets call it ok? And I’m teaching in my French du Canada back to back to back then I see instructors that come from France teaching the whole class in English. That got me a little confused, because you know, I mean I love French and I wanna practice and get better at it, but they must know that Tunisia is a country that speaks French, right? I’m just asking this question. Oooooh maybe when they learned, they learned in English, and now when they teach…? Anyhow it doesn’t make no sense to me. But hey, I love everything about this event, and that’s that.

Yesterday they played Michael Jackson and they played R. Kelly, I guess the muting drama is only happening in America because nooooooobody mute anyone right here.

There you go. I brought you the other 2 girls so that that way you guys can actually see my sisters from South Tunisia. They are amazing and they are great dancers too. I’m talking about great great dancers. Afro, Kuduro, Coupé Décalé, all of the above, these girls definitely do the job.

I’m going back to bed, yeah. Bed, speaking of bed, man the lady cleaning my room, she so sweet, she so kind, always coming to check up on me, making sure everything is good type of thing. And on top of that she just made me a beautiful heart with towels and sprinkled some flowers. Just look at the picture. That’s the love and appreciation from Tunisia. And the food was already waiting for me when I arrived in my room. That’s some VIP treatment mi Gente.


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