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By now, I’ll stop talking about Tunisia but I will leave you with this picture. While they were driving me to the airport I had time to snap a real rainbow picture. One of the last beauties that I took beside the mountain pictures and all the other beauties that I took.

Now let me tell you another shit that happened.  As I was landing in Canada, or even before I was landing in Canada, as I was leaving Tunisia, well, there was a douane agent at the door that stopped one black guy before me and opened his shit and something like that, I dunno. You know me, I’m not gonna have that bullshit right here, nigga, I don’t care. I was the next one on the line, but the only black one, because every single person in front of me didn’t have my colors. I dunno if the guy was stopping black people because we were dressing fly or shit (I was mini-fly tho because if I dressed fly this entire airport was gonna be stopped & pause) and guess what? He asked me how much money I was bringing. And I was like, is this guy for real? Well ok, let me play his game. “About thousand bucks, some in Euros, some in American, I dunno” He asked me “are you sure?” And I finished his word “Yes I am sure that it is not more than 999.99 because that is the limit that I can bring through the border and not declare, do you think I am stupid? Or do you think I started traveling yesterday? Which one of the two?” Then the guy was like “euh euh euh euh euh euh” I was like, “ yeah euh euh euh euh can I go please because you only stopping black people and that don’t look good. We not criminals, we just niggas with money.” While I’m looking at him up and down.

Then I get into the plane. Sat down. Put my phone on Airplane mode, listening to Yo Gotta ft Lil Baby “Put a date on it”. Minding my business. This motherfucker next to me, I dunno if it was his first time flying in the last 10 years and never mind, all this is in French, I did my first French trip, ok? Shiiiiit, speaking only French, ok? There you go. Anyhow this motherfucker is like “before the plane departure you must turn your phone off for my security and your security too” I look at him, and I double checked, “Sir are you talking to me?” He was like yes. I was like “Sir we are not in 1999, no more and that was when the wings were connected to the motherboard in front where the pilots are. It was a wireless connection, but not only that, any phone interruption would interrupt that. But that was long ago, with the big cell phones we don’t have no more. That was long time ago. Nobody travels in suits no more. But you do. So that tells me how long you’ve been in the plane. Its ok to be excited but please, mind your own business, leave me. Not today. Not today.” And I played my song. Mind you, I was in the middle seat. So the guy next to me happened to be a guy coming to Canada on the same flight. I saw him changing the money and I saw a $20 bill. That guy intervened and leaned over to talk to the asshole in their own language, wasn’t French. Mind you the asshole was on my right, and the other guy was on my left. I told the guy on my left, don’t try to convince an asshole to not be an asshole, that’s a Tom Cruise Mission Impossible. We start laughing and we start having a conversation. And I found out he wasn’t sitting next to his girlfriend. I suggested, “bro, I hate when I travel with someone and that person stays on the other sit. I will go sit where your girlfriend so she can come sit with you and so I don’t have to see the face of this asshole, is that a deal? At first he was like, “no I wanna finish this conversation”. I was like “don’t worry bro, we gonna have 3-4 hours in Casablanca before our next flight, we gonna have time to have some beers and talk about this shit bro.”

Story to be continued…

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