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Good day good day good day. I arrived in Montreal yesterday. Snow welcomed me and we already passed spring. My birthday is coming, please buy a Gindungo pass! I have 5,000 friends on my Facebook, I have 8,700 followers on my Dr. Kizomba page, if every single one of you guys buys a Gindungo pass on my Birthday, that would be fantastic. Now if you leave in Montreal and you don’t buy a Gindungo pass on my birthday, my fingers are itching to unfriend your ass because you don’t support the culture and you definitely don’t support #drkizomba.
Tonight is Kitaba, Mi Gente bring your friends, bring your family, bring your dogs and cats. Babies are welcome too. We gonna be dancing and dancing and dancing from 6:30 till midnight. It’s Wednesday.
Chicago Chi-town, the windy city, Kanye West, we are coming! This weekend Manuel & Flavie are going to be blessing you with a bootcamp and party. Don’t miss out. Be there or be square. Be there to join the fun and enjoy this cultural workshop where we going to have kizomba semba kuduro ginga all the above.
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