Day 51 | Landed in Montreal

Touched down in Montreal. The airport is really busy. Slept the whole flight through. Back to square 1, walking to the door 6 about to catch an uber again to go home and continue my sleeping. And then go for kuduro for 7pm with the kids, 8pm with the old folks. It’s sunny outside, I dunno the weather changed a little bit. The name of my Uber is Rabil, why all the uber drivers in Montreal arabs and blacks? Why don’t white people like to drive ubers? Because I wanna sit in the back and get driven around and do the privileged type of stuff. But anyhow, if I am moody, I just sit in the back. Or if I am having a conversation I sit in the back. I lie, I never sit in the back, I always sit in the front. I dunno, it’s just a question of respect of the driver.

Well, Montreal Montreal, let’s do this again. Calgary was not as busy as montreal, and looking at the airport there is a lot of immigration coming into Montreal. Luftansia is busy, that means people is coming in from Europe because it is spring time and all the mother fuckers that ran off for winter are coming back because the weather is good. Isn’t that interesting? People skip the winter and join Montreal in the summer, after they become Canadian? That’s what people do! Canada, don’t hate, you’re the one that gave them the passport and the choice of freedom. I dunno it’s just irony. Now the thing about other countries that possess a beautiful weather situation, the life is just no like in Canada, and then to move there and adapt there and come back to Canada, you just can’t keep up, because things in Canada change after 2 months, and when you come back to Canada there is always a new law, a new technology.

Came home, slept a little bit. Woke up, went straight to give the kids kuduro class. After that, finished with adults kuduro class. Oh my god, I missed my students so much. We had a lot of fun, and a lot of laughs. Now, back home, I’m hitting that fresh orange juice with squeezed oranges. Feeling a little tired. If you guys wanted to tune in or see how hard we worked today, don’t forgot to subscribe to your boy on YouTube – Dr. Kizomba Channel. Go and check these videos while I am sipping on my chamomile tea.

Kuduro for Kids


Kuduro for Adults

Today is gonna be an early sleep. Thank you Calgary for your accommodation. Can’t wait to see the people one more time, probably next year.

And that my people is the end of Day 51!

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