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Day 51 Mi Gente. Well, it’s midnight somewhere in the world and it’s time to take a shower and go downstairs and dance.

Your boy Dr Kizomba just did an amazing thing today. I started with my vlog on YouTube talking about my daily post so people can add to their understanding of what I am talking about and how I am talking about it. Of course I am not going to be reading you guys exactly what I wrote, because that sounds like a journal, but I definitely will give you a summary of the days and a different report on how it feels to be your Dr. Kizomba on a day to day basis.

Excited for the last party in Calgary and can’t wait to be back in Montreal for my Kuduro students on Monday. But we still have one party to go, so that we can pay our services to the great Calgary International Salsa Congress. No Mi Gente, we don’t have a kizomba room todays. Its time for your boy to show off his salsa and bachata skills, and the DJ will play a little bit of kizomba, in a different pattern.

I want to thank Eric and Kelley for inviting me an trusting your boy Dr. Kizomba and calling me by Dr. Kizomba even though they know my name is Manuel. And also David for being so cool and so inspiring on his choreographies. As always him and Olga represent the couple of happiness, I really love this vibe and I really love these folks. I am going to go downstairs and take a picture with everyone, so that I can have a memory. And also so I can put more pictures on my blog and talk about these amazing people. And of course giving me these flowers in this important moment of my life and my career, and still adjusting to being cool vs being drunk-cool. Let me tell you, my people, I have had easier tasks in my life. But this one particularly is a task of adjustment. And your boy Dr. Kizomba is not very comfortable with adjusting things, because I dunno if you guys remember, I am the 2014 Africadançar world freestyle champion, next to that partner Flavie. On that category, they play the music and asking you want you can do, and round up over 16-20 couples and go through different eliminatories, and ask the world and your crowd who is the best… and the world and the crowd chose Dr. Kizomba. So when it comes to freestyling, I got this situation on look. But when it comes to adjusting situations, I am a little cripple. I don’t like to change for others. But since I am inspiring others, I don’t mind in doing a little sacrifice. I don’t mind doing a little sacrifice, I repeat. Now on the note of the soberness, alcohol and especially smokes free, I must tell you, I thought it would be a little harder. I thought I was so dependent, but it’s actually the thing I think the least of. Buying a Century Sam, cutting this motherfucker up, taking the nasty leaves of cigars out of that bitch, getting purple haze crushed inside, wringle a little bit of cigarettes on top, sealing it up like a perfect baseball bat, closing it up and lighting it up on top like a good old cigarette. Puff puff and not pass, because I smoked by myself, Flavie wasn’t a smoker and a drinker, and call it a night. OMG I just described how to roll a perfect blunt. For the real smokers, you know what time it is… But just describing that, I didn’t even miss it, even though I can get motherfucking high as hell. My brother Todd can tell you about his experience the first time he met me in Montreal. Yes Mi Gente, it’s my last day right here in this city. Tomorrow, my flight will be at 9oclock, a direct flight to Montreal. I will try to not sleep tonight. I think I arrive at 3pm because of time changes, and that will be perfectly nice, because finally I will be on time for my kuduro class. My students better get ready. I’m about to put them on games. On the next morning they will not feel their legs.

Today your boy Dr. Kizomba will leave you on this note. Because there is 49 days to go till day 100. Let’s try see if we can accept the challenge to make it to 100 days without smokes and alcohol possession. While I am listening to Kodak Black.

One more thing, I gotta give it up to my boy Conor McGregor for being a real nigga, that talks the talk, but also walks the walk. I just that video of him throwing the chair on that bus. That nigga is officially crazy, and I don’t think people wanna get in the ring with him too, after that shit. He is by far one of my favorites, I don’t care what you gonna say about the violence, I don’t care you gonna say about politeness this is the fighting business. We fighting in the ring, off the ring, in the courts, off the courts, in the parking lots. Instead of getting the donkey of the day, he got the fighter of the year. All these fake fighters can learn one thing or two from the greatest McGregor. Him no joke!

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Update on my flight this morning:

Im gonna miss my flight because I couldn’t take my laptop case off at the airport. New regulation, never heard of it before. Got it off, yay. Got it back on, not quite right. At least they put me in the priority line after that swipe. But… I was the only black guy in line to get my computer bag checked at all.

First Miss daisy held me back to watch me pop off my laptop case. Mr Chen kept for a fucking long time in the priority line and I dunno why. Dunno what going here, some crazy shit. I guess they don’t have a lot of black people that trip on this side, trying to confiscate stuff and shit. The machines are so old I gotta show my picture from my passport. But I made it, just waiting on my bag. They got me to pass through without complications. I just hate, you know, when you one of a kinda and they try check you for every single fucking shit. Even if they nice about it… what the fuck, no for real tho.

After my starving experience coming to Calgary where I starved, I am going to get myself to gate. There is no way I am ever going though that again. Wrap to go, water and OJ. That OJ dont look so healthy, but oh well.

Montreal they gonna be boarding soon.
Found my seat, cozy. The emergency exits are right in front of me. I feel safe. The is no charger but there is small small TV at least.

Montreal see you sooooon!

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