Day 41 | Baltimore: Day 1

I just woke up, fuck. First party, it wasn’t really a party it was a preparty, at the Baltimore Salsa Congress, but you know the real name Kizomba-Salsa-Bachata Congress in Baltimore, down. I repeat, down! We finish with a nice bachata kizomba and salsa music and with a nice talk. Met new friends as always, and already sold 2 leggings. Amazing amazing amazing. Today I gotta go do some sightseeing, and cop some stuff so I can make people happy and promote my festival Gindungo. I got a kuduro workshop at 4 o’clock, will be the last class of the day. So let’s start the day like that.
Right now, I am a little zoned out, because I saw on my first Facebook the reaction of me and Flavie winning the AfricaDançar in Montreal 4 years ago. That was pretty priceless. Hey guys, don’t forget on my first Facebook account even though I don’t post there as often, I’m still with you.
I don’t remember my dreams too much today but other than that see you soon. More information will come as the day goes. Stay tuned Mi Gente.
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