Day 40 | Baltimore: Pre-party Talk

Woke up right now, looking around asking myself, wtf where am I? why am I in this white room with a silver bed behind me? and then 10 seconds later I realized I am in Baltimore and I was tired as fuck.
Got an Instagram message from my friend’s girl, Lettie, mutual friend of Fabricio and Paraiso, saying that she is very happy to hear about how Gindungo festival went and of course hearing how Dr Kizomba has been doing and congratulating me on my 40 days of soberness and not drinking. I was like, 40 days? Really?! Shiiiiiit, I’m surprising myself. I mean 40 days is quite a lot. And I just saw my brother Edwin Rivera this morning before I fell asleep, we both are the sons of Albert Torres, and we haven’t see each other for awhile, and my brother gave me a real real hug, knowing I crossed the border. He was very happy for myself, especially on my soberness, and he know that I’m gonna fuck shit up this weekend, you best beliiiiiiiiiieve dat. Damn, these burritos are amazing. The guacamole actually knock you out like that song with Kanye West, when the loooooooooove comes around, its gonna knock dededede knock you down umm umm umm, I forget the lyrics, fuck it. Then, I went to get ready to take a shower, listening to my 21 savage song, and I just saw myself in the mirror, oh weeeeeeeeeeell, mirror mirror who’s the hottest nigga in the universe? I no lie, a lot of people were telling me at Gindungo, Oh Manuel you a little too skinny, I guess they forgot that when you stop drinking you lose all the unnecessary liquids you had in your body because the alcohol possessed a lot of fucking sugar, and the weed gets you clouded with the unclear eyes going on. I mean, it’s just all in all, shit that you don’t need in your system. And now I look at myself, like you see in the picture, this nigga hot!!!! Ooooooooh shit, close your eyes, you don’t wanna see this picture! As you see this nigga hot, at the age of 34, few days before I turn 35, because if you don’t know, my birthday will be on April 20 and we gonna start the countdown of my birthday because it’s gonna be in Mexico Mexico Mexico, Puerto Vallarta baby, giving a reason for my haters to hate me even more.
I almost forgot! When we went to Chipotle, all the workers were niggas! I thought I was gonna see my Mexican brothers, there was one Mexican girl, but I saw a brother that had a sick tattoo, and I said brother let me take a picture of this shit, its giving me ideas for my next tattoo, viewer discretion is advised. Look at this shit, that’s what I am talking about. My body needs more ink, I’m gonna tat-tat-tat it up.
Very happy Mi Gente, that’s my mood. I don’t wanna check my messages, please don’t send me personal messages, because I am listening to Kendrick Lamar, you know Bitch don’t kill my vibe. I’m in America. When you happy, people see that and send you personal messages because they not happy themselves. So I repeat, bitch don’t kill my vibe. Kendrick Lamar music, that wasn’t me saying it, that was just the music I was listening to.
And speaking of tattoos, I’m gonna show you a little bit what I have on my body. This next level will be called body parts, this boy inspired me on the tattoo level. This right here, is the flames with stars so that when I punch a nigga he don’t see my punch coming but he will remember the stars.
This right here, for the people that know me, they know my father passed away, this is rest in peace Dos Santos, my father. Te quiero mucho.
And this right here, is for everybody that know my love of Africa and this is a star coming from Angola, guess who it is.
And this right here was actually my first tattoo. It is for all music motherfuckers that cannot start their beat on 1, for the love of kizomba!!!!
And this one right there is my angel of protection, in the shape of a woman, of course.
Here, you already know, Dr. Motherfucking Kizomba.
I’m gonna have to redo my code bar, made in Angola.
Now it’s time to take a shower so that I can go downstairs and start to pre-party and dance with everybody. Hey, that shit rhymes, “start the pre-party, dance with everybody”…. oh no that shit don’t rhyme, I’m so dumb.
Muchas gracias to everybody that has been reading and following my blog, including the organizers of the Kizomba-Salsa-Bachata Congress in Baltimore. The way they actually got me at this Congress is because they were reading my posts, they could catch every single one of my steps. The organizer was actually taking a shit and he was like “how do the fuck can you write all this much on your phone?” I’m like, I dunno, I was bored. I wasn’t bored, but I was waiting at the airport, nothing but time.
Thank you so much again Mi Gente for reading my posts and blogs, now if you really want to get into this, make sure you follow because I got hot topics in there. Hot hot hot topics!
Montreal, I miss you and I see you on Monday.
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