Dr. Kizomba | Salsa Dancing | History

Baltimore SBK Congress Thank You… Simply the bomb … I wanna start by saying. In the years of 2001, 2002, I saw this amazing guy of the name of Franky Martinez. I had just started dancing salsa and the dude really inspired me in every possible way. I love that dude so much that I […]

Day 44 | Baltimore Flight Home

Got to the airport on time, Hugo got me to the airport on time, online check-in amazing using my new app Apple Wallet. And so the fuckery starts. I was sitting down at my gate 1, when I got a notification that the Chicago flight is late, and so my gate changed to C4. That’s […]

Day 44 | GoodBye Baltimore

ll good things have to come to an end. Kizomba-Salsa-Bachata Congress in Baltimore, as I am sitting in the hotel lobby waiting for Hugo to come and pick me up, if you don’t know Hugo that is my escort to the airport, having my yogurt coffee and water, and with my ca-ching! on my pocket. […]

Day 44 | Baltimore: Day 4

Last snap of the night. Just came from the afterparty where the security was trying to kick everyone out. My friend the famous saxophone player was trying to sneak some drinks on me. Fireball, I hate that drink, even back when I was drinking. That shit burns! And that cinnamon taste? Reminds you to never […]

Day 43 | Baltimore: Day 3, Part 2

Good day Mi Gente. Just finished my last workshop at the Kizomba-Salsa-Bachata Congress in Baltimore. Epic! A bit tired, but to be expected. It’s a great event and being with amazing people that actually want to learn kizomba makes me feel happy. Happy Easter to everyone. And for the folks that were there encouraging me, […]

Day 43 | Baltimore: Day 3

Good afternoon. After a looooooooong sleep, I must tell you wow, yesterday was off the chain. The fear of performing sober is over and while I was on the stage I could see clearly that it was just a fear because the energy of the people helped me through the performance and after. I slept […]

Day 42 | Baltimore: Day 2, Solo Showtime

At this moment I wanna have a fucking drink 😫, now I know why I used to drink because I was fucking nervous before my shows. Right now I feel the pressure, my number is 25, he already started the shows and I feel vulnerable. And a drink would help me say fuck it, because […]

Day 42 | Baltimore: Day 2

Allo good morning mi Gente, not really good morning it’s good afternoon. Yesterday Kizomba-Salsa-Bachata Congress in Baltimore was brutal. Amazing workout, amazing dancing, amazing control of emotion. Yesterday, I really enjoyed my salsa dancing, it brought me to my salsa days. And as I was dancing, people were telling me, yo your salsa is really […]

Day 41 | Baltimore: Day 1, Part 2

Feeling a little tired after the kuduro class, I didn’t know how I was gonna feel doing kuduro more than 4 times a week. It was a great reception. And the people were amazing. I went to a Dominican barbershop to get my line up. But they took a bit too long, and my Uber […]

Day 41 | Baltimore: Day 1

I just woke up, fuck. First party, it wasn’t really a party it was a preparty, at the Baltimore Salsa Congress, but you know the real name Kizomba-Salsa-Bachata Congress in Baltimore, down. I repeat, down! We finish with a nice bachata kizomba and salsa music and with a nice talk. Met new friends as always, […]

Day 40 | Baltimore: Pre-party Talk

Woke up right now, looking around asking myself, wtf where am I? why am I in this white room with a silver bed behind me? and then 10 seconds later I realized I am in Baltimore and I was tired as fuck. Got an Instagram message from my friend’s girl, Lettie, mutual friend of Fabricio […]

Day 40 | Landed in Baltimore

LANDED! Barely made my 2nd flight, me and about 5 other people had to ruuuuuuuuun! That was a serious run, when we made to the gate, the door was already closed, she had to scan our tickets illegally, but we made it. I had to release the fart that I was holding for a loooooooooooooooooong […]