Day 43 | Baltimore: Day 3

Good afternoon. After a looooooooong sleep, I must tell you wow, yesterday was off the chain. The fear of performing sober is over and while I was on the stage I could see clearly that it was just a fear because the energy of the people helped me through the performance and after. I slept a little more than I usually because I am getting used to this new sober congress life. Wow, it’s definitely energy demanding, but like a good old challenge, let’s accept it and run with it.
Dr. Kizomba is upgrading his old Macbook Pro from 1999 to a new Macbook Air light as fuck, and fast like Flash. So expect a fast reaction on the posts and much more delivery than you usually get. Was feeling a little tired, but just recuperated from all the day and night of yesterday, now ready to go downstairs and start this party again. Got one more workshop at 4pm, Sunday is kizomba time, all levels, let’s do this!
Gindungo 4 already sold 55 early bird full passes. The price changed to $80. My people, usually I don’t talk about sales, but this is a little scary. These number of sales was where we were at last year in July or August, but we already have you guys engaging for Gindungo 4. I dunno, but I can’t wait to see how many people will come to Gindungo 4 this year. We did that in one week. I guess Gindungo 3 made an impact on you, because you guys can’t wait for Gindungo 4.
As a matter of fact, just got 3 new models of Kizomba Canada leggings in New Jersey. Friends buy for friends and mother buys for daughter. Large medium and small. Sold the Canadian red, the Angolan black and the Haitian blue.
Ok my people, I will update you with some news after my last workshop. 4pm, kizomba, with Dr Kizomba, like I told you.
For the people that came up to me yesterday, before the show, that read my post, and encouraged me and kept me in check, I will never forget this.
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