Day 42 | Baltimore: Day 2

Allo good morning mi Gente, not really good morning it’s good afternoon. Yesterday Kizomba-Salsa-Bachata Congress in Baltimore was brutal. Amazing workout, amazing dancing, amazing control of emotion. Yesterday, I really enjoyed my salsa dancing, it brought me to my salsa days. And as I was dancing, people were telling me, yo your salsa is really good, and it made me realize: I still got it. Girls waiting to dance salsa with me, lots and lots of good dances, it just made me happy, and reminded me of my dancing days before kizomba.

Today is day 42 of non alcohol and drugs free. They calling me downstairs right now to do the tech rehearsal. My legs are sore from the kuduro of yesterday and I bet they gonna be even more sore from all the dancing that I’m about to do this morning. Baltimore Salsa Congress is being amazing. It’s nice to see my friends, it’s nice to see my people, they really are turning up.

Yesterday I went to the MOB afterparty to see my old friends doing their thing. It was really cool, I like the way they are stepping up their game. It wasn’t just an afterparty but they were cooking, with a bartender, you know the way it should be done. I miss these guys, I miss them. But you know what, it was too much drinking around me. Your boy dr kizomba was feeling good of course, but I was chilling not turning up, just cracking some jokes. Then I had to come back and do my sleeping because the bed was calling me, because I would rather be in shape for the next morning than entertain people at the afterparty, it’s just the new me.

Yeah! Tech rehearsal room right now. I’m a little zoom zoom, I just received the music right now, but it’s ok I already know the choreography. It’s gonna be a mix of Barata and I’m gonna add a lil Sacanagem. You know the afrohouse is gonna be on deck. Gotta rock the stage by myself, back into solo performance, oh my god I miss my team at this moment.

I’m gonna write a bit more later, but right now gotta go downstairs, they busting my balls. You already know, it’s your boy Dr Kizomba, unapologetic motherfucker. In Baltimore, bitches! 😎

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