Day 44 | Baltimore Flight Home

Got to the airport on time, Hugo got me to the airport on time, online check-in amazing using my new app Apple Wallet.

And so the fuckery starts. I was sitting down at my gate 1, when I got a notification that the Chicago flight is late, and so my gate changed to C4. That’s the gate not the bomb. But my flight is on time. I am going to Philadelphia, but I can’t see McNeils because he is in jail. 45 minutes of complimentary internet, I’m gonna use 45 minutes on my computer and another 45 on my phone, heeeeeeeeeeeeeey! Just added 2 new members to the Gindungo roster. An amazing couple and also good friends of mind, of the name Lionel and Vanessa, and we gonna bring back Frans and Sarah, Fabricio, Eliza and Paraiso of course. So far, that’s where I’m at.

Got to Philly, one of the flight attendants got a face that is so mean, or like she didn’t sleep or she don’t believe in make up, c’est très bizarre.

Home sweet home Montreal. The border looks sweet. There are new machines now at immigration. They are white and green, and i don’t understand. Usually they would ask for a boarding card but now they don’t ask for a boarding card but it’s kinda weird, I don’t wanna take a picture because this is immigration and I don’t wanna fuck with immigration because this is Canada, but this is weird. I don’t even know how to use this thing. Okaaaaay. This is some gangsta shit. I had my headband on, the machine told me to take me my headband off, I took my headband off, it took my picture, printed a ticket, so easy, showed my document, say hi to the guard and that’s it! Pretty simple. It’s a white machine. It even recognized my hair one côté, one côté meaning one side.

Now I show my declaration card to the officer. One thing I noticed is if you speak French with the officer they just let you go. They don’t play with that. I just got stopped and then I got let go: welcome to Canada. I just passed the border like butter. Feels good to be home sweet home. A lot of people waiting for people but I am not waiting for anyone, I just got to go upstairs and get my Uber and go home. Pretty sweet life. I ain’t used to the planes no more, it’s kinda weird to see people waiting for arrivals, ain’t nobody got time for that.

Going upstairs to door 6 to get my Uber. Destination: to the crib! And since I’m a cool dude, my Uber is 4.92 stars only .8 to reach 5 stars. That makes me a perfect client, their favorite person they can’t wait to see me. My Uber will be here in 6 minutes.

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