Day 44 | GoodBye Baltimore

ll good things have to come to an end. Kizomba-Salsa-Bachata Congress in Baltimore, as I am sitting in the hotel lobby waiting for Hugo to come and pick me up, if you don’t know Hugo that is my escort to the airport, having my yogurt coffee and water, and with my ca-ching! on my pocket. It all came to an end for this year, thank you so much to Raj, Dola, Edwin, and my queen from Chile, and all the people that made this event possible like the volunteers, the DJs, the artists, you all did it. I salute you. Can’t wait to see y’all next year. And more years to come. See? I can be nice on my posts.

But of course that wasn’t the only nicest thing I did today. As you see on my picture, I gave away my old laptop to whom it may concern and I wrote a message technically saying, we left the room a mess me and my partner D’Jon aka Superman, crazy motherfucker but a great kid, a very great kid. I cannot believe I’m 10 years older than that little motherfucker! Oh well, I guess black don’t crack. But going back to the point, I left the laptop especially for the people that is working hard and cleaning in the rooms, because I talk to them, basically some of these girls and guys are working HARD for their kids needs, cleaning other people’s shit with a lot of pride. Most of them are black. The person that is gonna be cleaning our room is gonna be smiling because they gonna have a laptop to give to their kids or to themselves so that laptop can serve for hustle to get them to what they need on their dreams. And some alcohol to celebrate because apparently my brother D’Jon could not finish the alcohol that we had in our room, because I was not gonna help him on this shit! So now they can be happy and have a drink while cleaning, or after cleaning, or I dunno.

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