Day 44 | Baltimore: Day 4

Last snap of the night. Just came from the afterparty where the security was trying to kick everyone out. My friend the famous saxophone player was trying to sneak some drinks on me. Fireball, I hate that drink, even back when I was drinking. That shit burns! And that cinnamon taste? Reminds you to never drink that shit again when you are hungover. But of course I was having fun and dancing and say goodbye to my friends because I was about to hit my room and update more pictures of Gindungo. And we are on day 44 of soberness, alcohol and smokes free! I’ve noticed some funny stuff. When I was starting my #soberdays countdown, an acquaintance of mine had posted a doubting comment on my Facebook on one of my daily reports. Doubting in a joking way, I mean. She had stated that she also was doing the same, and after I told her that I was past day 40, she look at my eyes and she knew I was serious. I posed the same question right back at her, and of course she gave a different answer. Not to say that it is a difficult thing, but I believe that your mindset has to be in the right place. It’s the friends, the obstacles and the lifestyle that can put you back on the drinks and smokes. As well, I was chilling tonight with my boy DJ Soltrix, a bachata DJ that is gonna be in Montreal for the first time in the event that my brother Bahram is organizing, Bachata Invasion’s 2nd anniversary, where of course Manuel & Flavie and the Kizomba Canada team will be teaching as well, right after coming back from Calgary next week.

It feels good to finish a Congress without a fucking hangover and clear eyes. Booyah!

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