Day 2.1 | Home Sweet Home

Home sweet home. Got back home surprised my students, surprised my team, walking into the kuduro class. The kids were already dead, laying on the couch, I guess Flavie destroyed them. The adults could barely breathe. Shit is fucked up. I had to go and melt some mozzarella in a Canadian fried cheese Western Unique so that the cake looks much fatter than it is. For all my Canadian business people, you know what I am talking about. I was thinking about going to the gym and continuing with my #gangstaphysique but I am a little beat up from the plane so I am going to probably call the night with a PlayStationic. But before that, I had to get the Yeh! yogurt coffee because that is gonna keep me alive a little bit until I get home, the best coffee in town. They’ve been my sponsor ever since I started dancing here at Kizomba Canada aka at Espace des Arts, and to see them still in business is a chain of legacy that is hard to break. I will see you tomorrow my people, but before that I might write some shit tonight.

Home sweet home.

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