Day 2.2 | Kitaba: 1 day to go

Today is Tuesday. Which means we have semba class from 6:30pm to 9:30pm. And today is Tuesday. Which means that the Kizomba Canada team will be practicing from 9:30pm till close to midnight for the upcoming shows and upcoming events going on. And just to add one more to the list, this one was always there but it is worth mention, we gonna have the Montreal Salsa Convention this weekend. Canada just officially has 3 congresses on the same weekend. Woot woot! Obviously, you know I’m being sarcastic but oh well, let’s just continue with what we do best, put shade on top of each other.

Your boy Dr. Kizomba is back in town and pleaaaaaase go check my website that the Dr. Kizomba team worked so hard to present to you. Yes, we have the videos up there. Yes, we have the daily posts up there. Yes, we have the online classes up there that you should subscribe to if you are not near Montreal or your boy Dr. Kizomba. And we have much more stuff coming.

Motherfuckers, go easy on tagging myself for your own personal game because you not Amber Rose, aka we share exactly the same views and every time her tag that makes my day go by and I start cracking up. She is the reason that I still have my tag allowance open. Meaning, when motherfuckers tag me on some shit, doesn’t go straight to the approval button. Because otherwise Imma all you motherfuckers on the approving button. I have to promote my Gingundo artists… but when these motherfuckers are talking about Gindungo. Fabricio is my brother. But you not!! We need to have a certain level of engagement right here in this motherfucker. Things are getting outta control. And also on friend requesting. I think this is gonna be my topic of my Dr. Kizomba show today. Who is allowed to request you as a friend. Friend requests. Because some motherfuckers add me as their friends, and then I wave my hand just to check where we know one another. These motherfuckers act like I’m the one that actually requested them by answering, “hey how you doing?”. Motherfucker. You the one that just added me! That shit is very complicated! Well… that will be my topic today. And tagging too. Because some shit is getting out of hand right now. I just want you to understand why I’m saying that. Some motherfuckers tag me on some shit that I don’t think is funny at all. No! It’s not funny. I’m a savage joker. If the shit is not raw and crazy or doesn’t have to do with protecting black people or some crazy like that or Robin Wood type of shit, take it from the rich and give it to the poor, I don’t wanna have nothing to do with that. Except Amber Rose because her meme game is from another planet. And stop tagging me for your promotional purposes that has nothing to do with me. It’s your promotion nigga! Especially when you didn’t invite me. Here you are promoting your ass and I ain’t even invited. Shiiiiiit. I repeat, I ain’t no Mother Teresa.

I’ll type some shit later but I gotta go, that’s why I’m holding my post.

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