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Good afternoon. I didn’t have time to do no daily post today because I was playing video games until 4 o’clock in the morning today, and I woke up at 11 something and I had to get ready for a private at 12 oclock with my people. I had to prepare with my brother JP for a new topic for the Dr. Kizomba show, that you guys are about to catch at 5:30pm today. The topic is:

Farting 💨 in Public : ✈ 🚇 🚘
Relationship 💨 is okay or No No No !
Dance Floor 💨 is okay or No No No !

Of course we going to go at it today to have some laughs before our beginner class starting at 6:30pm, intermediate at 7:30pm and advanced at 8:30pm. Followed by Kitaba social, the one and only social of course of semba and kizomba in Montreal.

Gang signs out the window, hope all of them offending you bitch – another one from Kendrick Lamar.

It’s your boy Dr. Kizomba, today it’s all about making you smile. I’m going to make your drive home much smoother with the Dr. Kizomba show.

And we all gonna party today at Kitaba, like I told you. I really don’t have time to type so much, so I’m just trying to brush my teeth faster so that that shit look crispy white on camera. When I have more time I will talk y’all niggas, but right now, I really gotta motherfucking go. I hope you like my Vans tank top! I bought it XL to look like a dress. And look at my kicks! They also Vans, bitch.

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