Canadian Dream

Good afternoon my people. We just left the 12 noon margin and we headed to the afternoon moon.

Todd, contact me my brother, real fast. I got Rui loading his weapons, Amber Rose didn’t see the post yet, but Maria from Vancouver is watching and so many more people. My brother, urban kiz is an Afro dance?! Hahahahaha! My nigga come on, man. You my friend. You should know better. Delete that post, man. Yeah, just delete it. Trust me, these shooters don’t miss. I love you bro, but on this one, I’m sorry, I’m useless. They will fry your ass.

On another note, you know what? The media is so messed up. They are using all this propaganda just to hide the truth. What the heck happened to the slaves in Libya? We still gotta help our brothers there 👊. What about Puerto Rico? We still need to help those people 👊. H&M is getting what they deserve, we are getting them where it hurts, the money. Don’t buy shit = no sales 💸💸. Black ppl used to be 50-55% H&M market. If we continue with this ritual, remember Tommy Hilfiger? That nigga’s sales drooooped. Let’s continue with this boycott.

Now. Donald. That nigga’s name is reduced to Donald. No more Mr. President, no sign of respect or title for that dude. I am not calling you Sir, either, so don’t be mistaking me for that “Slave I Remain” type of shit. Donald, in a meeting to discuss restoring US temporary protected status for immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador and African countries, you said, “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” Yes, we heard you loud and clear. But Donald. You don’t get the memo. We don’t give a damn what you think. When it comes to geography, you so fucking dumb, you’re one of those dudes that just found out that Africa is a continent and not one big country. Actually that is probably giving you too much credit. All these countries, all those folks you mentioned… I’m an immigrant, I’m an Angolan, I’m an African, yes I guess the war was fucked up, but hey we all alive. And CANADA is the place to be, nigga. It’s cold but we got the Canadian dream here. You not welcome. You and that lady that posted a video supporting you. Her mouth look like a really good place to drop some recycling and garbage. A dumpster, really. You and that lady are not welcome in Canada, but every other American is. Actually…Zimmerman can stay with you too. ✊

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