Don’t Mess With My Students

The day has arrived. Your boy Dr Kizomba’s freedom. Passport: ✅. Let’s start our first tattoo. Lisbon, here I come, before LA, USA and St Petersburg, Russia Dr Kizomba will be back in Lisbon. But this time, not being stuck! My Lisbon people: Friday February 9, 2018 I’ll see you at Capricho Moltense. Come and witness and do your best to see your boy Dr Kizomba. I’m going to be around, I will go everywhere, but you will still be able to party with me 100 more times.
DSantos Dance. My franchises, the Dr Kizomba babies. I tried not to curse in my 2018 posts, but unfortunately that’s impossible. Some motherfucker of the name of “I don’t wanna say because I don’t wanna give him free promotion, but when he reads this he will know I am talking about him”, that same motherfucker went to a student of student of mine. My student is named Hailey, a beautiful white girl teaching the Dr Kizomba syllabus who just bought her new studio in North Carolina and is independent in the way Dr Kizomba teaches his kids to be. Hailey is a Richard level of hustler, if you know what I mean. Back to the motherfucker. This guy, at an event somewhere in USA, walked up to Hailey’s student on the dance floor and asked Hailey’s student if she knew about the origins of kizomba music and where the other 50% of kizomba music comes from. And this girl, this new student, just knowing the information that Hailey provided her, and Hailey being taught by an Angolan instructor, answered Angola and other parts of Africa and also Portugal and other Portuguese speaking countries. She answered exactly as she should, since she is taught by an Angolan instructor. The dude, a confused human being, threw a tantrum like a 2year old. Why? Because she didn’t answer Cabo Verde! He stopped the dance with the girl so he could go talk to Hailey, who also on the dance floor at the time. He asked Hailey what she is doing, why was she not teaching the full culture? He made a drama scene about this shit. Hailey, being polite and intellectual told him: she don’t want to cause any problem but she don’t see the problem anyway – she herself is learning from an Angolan, and since she is learning, she is sharing all her current knowledge with her students. She doesn’t pretend to be an encyclopedia. She didn’t see the issue of not specifically exposing Cabo Verde: her student mentioned Angola🇦🇴, which is correct because Angola is the original country of kizomba, and by mentioning “other countries in Africa” without mentioning the specific % or proportion of each country, that don’t mean she was wrong.
Now I am gonna put my 2 cents on this story.
First. Nigga. Your lack of students or feeling inferiority towards someone that is training more new students than you, and has freedom from buying her own studio and teaching and developing her own students and is teaching authentic kizomba and is not teaching any urban kiz or any other fusion 2nd level shit… you are gonna go attack a poor white girl that is trying to learn an African culture AND teach her students AND promote the culture?! Especially in this time with all this racial war and stuff going on. What kinda shit is that, bro?
Second. Now. I understand that you’re trying to promote your caboverdian culture, don’t get me wrong. But you just stepped on the feet of an Angolan. I don’t think you wanna do that. And knowing me, people know I’m going too light on this post. But that is just because I am trying to promote my workshop in Lisbon. Don’t worry, I will save you for my next #talkingshit live video.
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