H&M no more

Maaaaaan, the world is going crazy. I really used to like H&M, but when I saw that post the Weeknd shared of an H&M promo pic of a little cute baby, and on the baby a green fucking hoodie that says “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle”… Using a child for your promotion and for your racist fucking hate of the community that not only put money on the fucking table – fucking assholes – but also were the employees doing the hard work in the stores? I saw a lot of my brothers and sisters were working there for the fast few years when I’ve been going there to buy my fucking socks and underwears, yes, I said it, nobody is gonna see my socks and underwear, so I go cheap, and H&M’s socks and underwear are cheap. Fake ass motherfucking store. For a long time the niggadom let it slide because we were stunning on cheap shit that looked like Prada and you had the audacity of doing that kind of shit? Nah. ️ I’m gonna really have to say: fuck all y’all, fuck all y’all, fuck all y’all, fuck all the racist motherfuckers in the world that try go into business, fuck you. I hope your mama get fingered by wolverine. Fuck all y’all. Racist bitches.
Give it up for my brother Weeknd. I love his music, I love his vibe, that’s our new Michael Jackson without changing the skin color. Let’s exchange Lil Wayne for more niggas like the Weeknd and Colin Kaepernick, that’s the kind of brothers we need. When I was in Lisbon, I was buying my clothes for cheap from H&M andThe Weeknd had a collection that was a top seller. And the nigga just fired himself today, literally. He said to H&M no no no no you gonna disrespect the niggadom like that? I no longer wanna work with H&M. I salute the Weeknd.
On another note, how you doing, Mi Gente? Last night, we had an amazing open house for Kizomba Canada, a lot of people came from montreal, amazing ppl, we laughed we danced we did semba and kizomba and kuduro. I can’t wait to see you at 7oclock for the first class of the Back to School program, one hour of Kuduro for Kids, followed by Kuduro for adults at 8pm. And please Mi Gente, don’t bring any clothing with H&M on it because we gonna send you back home. #nobutseriously
#freedom | #nomoreHM | #majorfail
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