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Good Wednesday Mi Gente, you already know what we gonna do today. Today you can come and meet your boy Dr. Kizomba with a regular free kizomba class at 8:30, that’s where you come see me if you wanna come see me for free.If you’re not in my city, its ok we got you, just go to drkizomba.com/live, and you gonna be able to access our live classes on YouTube Live and FacebookLive too. You’re gonna be able to follow everything online and you gonna be straight. For my people that are not in Montreal it’s important that you tune in, so that you can see how we roll in this beautiful city with these conditions, you can see how we interact, how we vibe, and most importantly see all these beautiful people doing something amazing. Tune in at 8:30pm you already know we’re gonna be there expecting you, doors open like a church.
My people you already know it’s time to go back to school. Today we have our first kizomba class. I know Mi Gente, calm down. Doors open at 6:30pm for beginner, 7:30pm for intermediate, 8:30pm for advanced. You made that New Year’s resolution that this year you were going to learn kizomba. So now, karma karma karma karma karma chameleon.
On another note, yes my people! I am very happy to see my facebook people join the cause by posting and protesting. When a situation isn’t fair, we gotta speak up. I am gonna try cool off for a bit, stay away from the internet for 1 week. But I know some motherfucker gonna do something stupid before the end of the week so I will see you soon on the next edition of #TalkingShit live videos. I’ve already got some hot topics for Talking Shit video #3, I’m just collecting all my information. I received some information that certain people felt offended from my communications in my last video aka the sellouts aka the freedom fighters with a white girl. You already know, more topics in my next talking shit video. I’m just giving you the update, you know like in tv shows, before the next episode you get a preview of what’s going down. See you soon, Mi Gente.
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