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Good day good day good day.

Listen my people from Instagram, don’t even worry about it, what happened on Facebook because y’all niggas safe. I don’t have to delete or block anyone right here… well, just don’t say the wrong shit. But for Facebook? Hahahahha, yesterday was your judgement day. I went petty on these niggas. Absolutely peeeeeeetty on these bitches while I was drinking my Palm Bay. Before Douglas came to pick me up at the airport, that nigga was like 30 minutes late, that’s why he’s my nigga. Remember the quote? Do you know how to count? So, don’t count on me! Then we had to cross the border. Shit. Pause. Let me go back to what I did on Facebook, and then let me tell you what happened at the border. Shit you gonna laugh. That was our first experience together in a long time.

So I’m looking on my newsfeed. I’m seeing faces that I don’t like. Friends of friends laughing and having a good time and all that shit. And I be like hohohohohohold on a second. Why do I gotta see all these bitches and niggas that I don’t like? Why? Why do I gotta see their faces in my personal life? I thought they were dead in my life, but here I am seeing their faces. I gotta do something about this. And the best idea I could come up with was I need space on my facebook for new friends, anyone wanna bounce, please inbox! I know, petty as fuck. Petty as fuck. Then people went nuts with it. My friends knew exactly what I was doing so they were dying dying dying laughing at loud. But me I have a lot of people I met at the congresses and the boat and these are people I would really like to see what they are up to. Because most of these parasites on my facebook, they are just there to see what is my next move or to talk shit. Why are you on my facebook to talk shit, not to like on my shit, so you can tell people we related in some way? Wtf is your problem. Get out, make more space, so I could let more people into my facebook account because I really I really I really wanna see and hear from them. They are turn ups like me, I am really selective about the people I keep around me, or that I see in front of my eyes. You know what I mean. It’s called energy bitch. It’s called energy. Because the thing is you cannot unfriend people for not reason to make room for new people, because it is not fair to them as well. But give them a choice, and all the parasites will manifest, they will stir the pot and then they will leave. Like the way I previewed. Nicely done, Dr. Kizomba really is a genius. Yeah. This motherfucker is a genius. JP I need a 24 hour camera around me, because people don’t even know how funny I am around me. So, I make sure you know by typing this shit.

Another fucking topic that as I speaking, Ruth is right here, and I am telling her that I am going live I just gotta finish my post, is this one. People is going nuts. “my job is to teach how to dance, not kiss your ass. Wrong instructor.” Now. People went nuts with this shit, they went nuts with this shit, they went NUTS with this shit. Now let me tell you the reason behind. I was teaching someone that I don’t even know the name. Don’t ask me the name, don’t ask me no hint, because I don’t wanna expose this bitch in front of the people, even though I know that she tried to talk about what happened. Now that I am talking about what happened, she and her people are gonna know that I am talking about huuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrr. Well, miss Sunshine Lollipop in the middle of the private tried to tell me how to teach her. I’m like huh? What’s going on here. She was like, you gotta try to get to the polite shit? I was like hmmmm, I don’t understand it. The way I learn, is if the instructor teach me like this way or that way, I don’t really know what she was trying to tell me, but was that weird as fuck? That was weird was fuck. Then she kinda wanted to have a meltdown. I was like yo, homie, what you doing? We kinda have a class to do – in my head, me thinking, I didn’t actually sayyyyy that. To me it looked like she was looking for a culpable, someone to blame for her bad day. That’s what I thought, maybe that’s not true, but that’s what I thought. It was hmmmm, a little weird. I am gonna tell you this story on live. Gimme 2 seconds.

Now let me go back to the border. As I am coming in with my brother Douglas Lee Ortiz, the officer asked me where I live, I said Montreal. He look at me, I look very black and confused. He look at Douglas, fucking Asian. Ortiz. Nope that is suspicious, these guys must be from the cartel. Canada just legalized weed, he tells us nope, go to the back, and they confiscated the car, they opened everything thing, they checked everything, they put the dogs onto car, well I smoked everything already in Montreal you think I’m stupid? Then me and Lee look at each other, motherfucking stupid officers. The border was totally white as fuck. We look at each other, I hope these niggas aren’t sprinkling nothing in our clothes so that they can put the dogs on us, so keep your eyes open, watch their fingers, because nah nah nah, I ain’t going to jail. So all in all, let me just tell you that everything went well. They let us go, yeah, its lovely. I’m right here, and to be continued.

To be continued because I gotta do my live and to be continued, ok motherfuckers? To be continued.

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