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Lately have been interested in crazy  shit, please don’t ask me why I’ll have to kill you if I told you. I guess I have to since I got back on my writing. I used to care so much about others even motherfuckers that show me no love. But lately I just became an inch gangster with this … I pulled 2 dudes that come to my classes religiously and got my back to the bone, literally told them thank you for been as real as they are. That made me feel so good and I sensed gratitude in their eyes .

Here comes the savage!!

But the motherfuckers that wish they was like me and are undeniably looking passed that and turn into a lover aka mr hater, you will have nightmares motherfuckers. Not even a bullet can stop me from terrorizing your team. No more reason to be nice. I meet nice people everyday all over the world to give two fucks about you, but let me tell you: me and my gang of petty savages niggas and niggarettes are not backing off … We are taking over one city at a time, injection them with a potion called love and that you lacking for sure… Stop trying to find reasons to have me. Am cool as fuck . Look at the folks around me. They are solid soldiers, heavy duty, heavy duty.

To be continued…


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