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I’m so thirsty I need a beer.
Good morning my people, it’s your unapologetic motherfucker Dr. Kizomba! On my way to Detroit. I’m trying to understand why my voice is coming out so deep, and then I have flashbacks coming to head over a midget in Mexico in Spiderman suit dancing on top of the table grinding on a granny. And then I start laughing again and I remember memories of ADC. Just got off the phone with Ingrid, one of the big bosses in ADC, and she told me we going to do a lot of things but I better be ready to go back Mayayo with Nassau in mind! If you don’t know what Nassau is, you little ungeographical non-reader, lack of geography is a global epidemic, I will tell you that’s in Bahamas. The captain will be back in the boat in 2 weeks.
But the current situation right now is that I’m going to a Glow-and-Phone party and I have to MC with Kurt Cobain’s voice. I dunno if they gonna think that that’s gonna be a rock concert but I’m suuuuure that’s what it’s gonna sound like. I gotta give it up to my brother Douglas Lee Ortiz, my partner in crime, my Dr. Kizomba petty brother, to give me the opportunity to MC his event. You already know what’s gonna happen. You already know. It’s going to be brutal. Because the captain is coming! AND we gonna have the bus party on Sunday which is already sold out. Oh my life my life my life my life…
I drink till I am drunk
Smoke till I’m high
Castle on the hill
Wake up in the sky
You can’t tell me I ain’t fly!
I will keep you posted, to be continued but for now, here at this current specific moment I am taking over the plane. I got my crew with me, and I will start flying myself. Look how happy the pilots are to meet their captain.
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