Day 60 | Mexico: 1 day to go

It’s another day, another hustle. Let’s move on from now on further. Gotta get my ass to the gym, so that I can complete gangsta physique # 5. Rested two days of course like I should and then workout gonna continue with chest. Gangsta physique chest day. Oh well. Let’s burn these boobs.

After working out, gotta make my way to the barber so that I can make sure that my face looks ok and sharp for Mexico. Because it’s time to skip this indecisive weather that we call spring, we dunno wtf to wear, and move to a more certain weather in Puerto Vallarta .Hit them fruits, heavy and my favorite food, since I am a beans and rice fanatic, chipotle all the way, Mi Gente. Fajitas! Oh my god, guaca-guacamole! Papaya juice, watermelon juice! Swimming in the real sea, without plastics getting to your fucking face. Dancing kizomba, semba, kuduro, salsa, bachata, merengue, cumbia… life will be good. But before this, my people, don’t forget that today is day number 60 of soberness, smokes and alcohol free.

See you soon, Mi Gente, because I’m still gonna have something to say after my workout or the barber, probably.

I tried the Tim Horton’s mocachino that was awful. I couldn’t even taste the mocha out of my hot chocolate. That was awful. And then I saw a starbucks and I walked inside and I noticed there was no niggas inside. I was all, where are the black people? And I remembered there is a beef with Starbucks! I can’t go to H&M no more, and I guess I cannot go to Starbucks no more. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. Black people, you better invent a coffee shop real quick. I think we should re-invent black shops for everything, and then we gotta incorporate each one of them including a toilet paper store. Because every single corporation there is a motherfucking racist working right there and shit. It’s getting complicated. But I think the first thing we gotta do, we gotta avoid our sisters to wear wigs. That gotta be the first thing. Or if they do wear wigs, only with natural black hair. That’s gonna be a dope. Nappy wig, or some shit like that, yeah.

Walking to the gym right now. I see a big hole in St Catherines. I see a male nigga with a dress next to Musée Grévin with the puppets, he looked like Bruce or let’s say Caitlyn, the first rich male bitch that became pretty much popular and all the niggas were like really? You know who I am talking about, the Kardashian’s father or step-father, the Olympic runner dude.

I just got 2 birthday gifts. One for my wrist, a very fluorescent iWatch bracelet, one of my favorites, I’m gonna collect that depending on my outfit, because lately my outfits are very colorful like a Zumba instructor. Those motherfuckers don’t play with their colors. And I was debating in between the Adidas and the Reebok Pump for my next birthday gift, and since I am an oldschool I had to go with the Reebok Pump for the new Kizomba Canada kuduro show, which is not really knew which has been alternated with your boy Dr. Kizomba touch because last year on the original choreography it had a little bit of Flavie flavor in it and I just put Dr. Kizomba gangsta tear drop on it to spice it up. But! My feet is too big to possess white shoes so every single Kizomba Canada member could buy white shoes, and I did not have white shoes. Yes. I was crying a little bit about it, but thankfully my savior gave me a good birthday gift and my tears turned into a beautiful smile. Now I have the Reebok Pump that weighs absolutely nothing. And because of my old age, I can pump it up and feel very supersonic electrified and I can do the kuduro show like a boss, like I don’t have anything on my feet. I can feel African which means dancing without any shoes but still have my shoes on. Now, what a feeling, man, what a feeling. Feels good to have saviors around the world. But the most important saviors are here with me.

Remember that time that I got stuck in Lisbon? And all of your help getting out your boy out of that situation with the 10K$? I never forget about that, and never will. And don’t you worry about a thing, because the book will come out and the cover will be in Lisbon, because I need to take that picture on that bridge in June to give the full circle of the first day I started to write like a maniac, before going insane with the #stuckinlisbon situation. But for now check out my stories on .


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