Day 59 | 463.72CAD

🎶This game is economics. I pray you go back to college. All I am seeing is bitches from Queens, go back to Hollis. Maiden without a father, my mother that I acknowledge, I know a crook attorney, last name Sotomayer, I’m breaching these contracts, preachers and gun claps, smoking that Mike Bean until my lungs collapse.

Bun B and Action Bronson, I’m seeing no colours, if you with me, you with me. Imma ride for you my brother. Honour and pride. Put the salaries aside. There is lead in the water. Put your prayers in the sky. Respect me as a man. As you looking in my eye, let’s address the bevil. There’s no problem down the line. See confederate flags but I got a flag of mine.🎶

Did I get your attention? But I guess Rick Ross did.

463.72 Canadian dollars was the price of my freedom. Freedom that I kept procrastinating either by sex, mixed with drugs and alcohol. Reality that become reality by lack of real parenting around me. Great friends and amazing vultures. People that saw me succeed and waited for me to fail so that they could eat the crumbles of my unknown wealth.

Young people, I hope you can understand what I’m trying to tell you, but because of this poetic writing I know it’s gonna be real hard for you. So let me use me as an example so that perhaps you don’t fail in the future like I did before.

When people tell you that taxes are very important, and credit is freedom, believe them. If you don’t wanna depend on other people to make your own decisions. Calling a friend to use their credit card because your credit card is fucked up. Having amazing ideas but other people are the ones that capitalize on your ideas because financially you cannot sustain your dreams. Starting a movement in a city almost losing your life and having people copy and pasting and claiming they did it, when they know for a fact that you stopped your life to create that. Use Kizomba Canada as a reference whenever people tell you that you can’t do this. Use Manuel Dos Santos and Dr. Kizomba as reference that you can do it without a fucking boss.

Say no to McDonalds. Because that is a food chain that make you feel undermined and disrespected. Start your own McDonalds and be your own entrepreneur by choice. Fuck work, and believe in yourself and start your own work. Everyone that tell you that you can’t, erase that motherfucker from your Facebook page. Every single thing that you think is hard, it is motherfucking hard, but it is not impossible. Don’t chose the easy girl, because she will be easy for everybody else. Stand up strong and tall. Put your shoulders behind your neck, put your chest forward and live with pride no matter what you colour you possess.

Financial freedom is a pain in the ass, but it’s like soap. It’s bad for your skin but it’s the only motherfucking thing that can clean your ass. Be blunt, but be careful how you roll your blunt, because that motherfucker make you procrastinate and fill your head with smoke and ideas that physically you procrastinate and mentally you advance. Alcohol is cool but only until the next morning, because the hangover is a fucked up pain.

Remember, make sure you pay this government because it’s the only pimp that you cannot run away from.

463.72 Canadian dollars was the price of my freedom. What’s yours?

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