Day 58 | Taxes Taxes Taxes

Good lord. This taxes situation is crazy. This business situation is insane. The fun part is to dance. The hard part is to be honest with the government. I wish they could just leave me alone but instead they wanna take all the pennies out of my pocket for not doing absolutely nothing. I’m the one who does the dancing. They the ones who getting paid. I’m the one who organize the events. They the ones who getting paid. I’m the one doing the videos, even on my fucking videos, they getting paid. I was the one having a drink, meaning paying for a drink, and they the ones who collect from me paying the bartender, and from the licence to be served they even collect the money. I take a shit, they getting paid from the paper toilet to wipe my butt. This is insane. I feel like I’ve been pimped by a pimptress. “Hey, Mr. Manuel, but the application to file your taxes is free! Don’t worry, we gonna rip you off on the tax return.” But hey, gotta get with the program. Otherwise, you are going to be a committing a crime. Double edged knife in the male world… in the female world, please don’t be offended… double penetration.

Oh my people. Don’t grow up. It’s a trap!!! Stay Kids. Less responsibility. Know I understand why people develop white hair. Over thinking and over calculating. Makes you a grey motherfucker. But heyyyy, as I am sipping my coffee, I’m not complaining, I’m just saying. As we passing to day 58, soberness is the key. Smokes free makes you live longer. Breathing pure air within coughing, what a life. Enjoying the taste of water and food, that’s amazing. Falling asleep after midnight, that’s different, at least to me. Still refuse to run the mousetrap, because it’s a trap. Thinking outside the box 📦 as usual!

Like I said on my #qotd, I’m gonna leave you on that note: “The main thing is to keep the main thing a main thing.” #focus

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