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Afternoon Mi Gente! We a few hours into day 17 of soberness and smoke free. Carrot juices nuts and fish, home-cooked food, nothing but the best water in this system aka Canadian-tap water from the rivers and mountains of Quebec, fresh like a drop of snow. Yeah baby. We got that water so pure that when we travel back to your countries, make your water get us back to the toilet, because our system is not used to it. That is why when I travel now, only mineral water. Shiiiiiiit. I’m not saying my water is better than your water, but this is what my water does for me. And trust me, if I was living in Angola I would probably say the same shit too.
Now, let me really tell you what you wanna hear. Last night, after my kuduro class, my brother Morris Jackson tagged me in a heavy statement of how kizomba might not be from Angola. Like one of them posts that one of these niggas from France posted awhile ago, that said that kizomba didn’t exist. You remember that nigga? Flamingo dancer, trying to discredit the origins of kizomba for their better use so they can become relevant in the views in the eyes of the people that are new to this culture, aka straight up lying. Well, if you talk about Angola on my side of the world, you are gonna deal with Dr Kizomba personally. It’s like you saying shit about my mama. Cuz at the end of the day, last thing I know, this is my birth country. Shit just got real, yesterday. I usually don’t do live videos around midnight, but this nigga just got me jumping, I had to. Motherfuckers need to know that ghetto zouk aka the shit that ppl from Paris stole and call it Urban Kiz comes from Cabo Verde. And before you niggas do anything with that, you should learn passada, funana and get more involved with cabo verdian culture and the many more rythms from that beautiful island. That all the lusofan cultures love, like we love the Brazilian culture, like we love the Guinée culture, like we love the Angolan culture and many more but they are not kizomba. Those are 2 different things. And for the ppl that unfortunately that have been missing form for many many years flash your ego down the toilet and relearn everything again because your teacher is lying to you. All and all if you wanna check what I said, just check out my latest live video on my page Manuel Dos Santos the third, where I expose the fakes. If everything goes well today, by 5 o’oclock I will call my brother from another mother, Victor Mendes and we will have a live session both of us, to explain to you guys the differences of the music so that that way you guys have a better understanding about the rhythms and the cultures, and even DJs can join in so that they can stop this misunderstanding once and for all.
On the other note, for my people that understand me: thumbs up. And for the people that only listen to my – excuse my French – beautiful niggadom words, go fuck yourself, bc y’all are not here to understand the content, y’all are just here to judge the person. I’m like jesus with a nasty fucking tongue. Comes from growing up in T-dot, aka the 6. Perth avenue, hanging out with my yardies and trinnies, that’s how I obtained my English and rolling with my girls at Jane & Fynch after highschool, smoking that good sesh, that good cush from Kingston Jamaica and sipping on my famous carrot juice. Man, I think I’m gonna open a carrot juice company, Dr Kizomba Carrot Juice, blended by Flavie. In stores soon!
On the other hand, my people it’s all for the love, but please keep Angola out of your mouth. When you talk about Angola think twice, bc otherwise the pitbull will come for you.
Tonight semba class 6:30pm beginners, 7:30pm intermediate, 8:30pm advanced, in Montreal, aka I’m gonna have to say the capital of Kizomba in the entire American continent, North, South, Latin, Left, Right, Carribean American… wtv you wanna call it. We say don’t go to Europe, just come to Mtl, or just take a plane straight to Angola, bc these niggas tripping down there!
This message is approved by your boy Dr Kizomba, unapologetic motherfucka, shutthefuckuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup!
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First published on Facebook on March 6, 2018.


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