Day 16 | Gindungo: 19 to go

Day 16, Mi Gente! I am surprising myself every day. OMG. I remembered my dream today when I woke up today! That is amazing, I don’t think I’ve ever remembered my dreams for the last 6 or 7 years in my life! But today, I vividly remember my dream. That is freaking priceless. This sober non-smoking shit is off the chain. Now I’m really scared to drink. Cuz being sober is actually starting to affect my brain so much I don’t wanna lose these gains. I was having a conversation with my girl from Houston Texas – give it up for that girl, she has the most beautiful eyes you can imagine, hazel or brown or I dunno, but she black tho, Wakanda – we were talking, she was telling me that she was a little hungover and feeling sick from Bourbon and the Cognac and the Whiskey she’d drunk the night before. And then she told me that oh man she had another party to go to. I recommended that she try not to drink at the party. She replied back to me that it was a BYOB party and I was like yes, you can still make the cocktails  but don’t put any alcohol and turn up as much as you can turn up: try to get high on the dance, try to get high on the music , just try and see how you gonna feel. The next morning, she called me and was like, yooooooooo yo yo Manuel, I did what you told me, and that shit was priceless. And the best part is that she woke up without feeling sick! Well, I guess my little drunk ass is also influencing other people not to drink! And it feels good. I am eating much more. The lack of liquids on my stomach is being replaced with home cooked food! And my students are paying the price because I am murdering the dance floor. I am muuuuuuuuuurdering the dance floor, I’m putting all the steam into the dance and it is just lovely.
On another note, iWatch is the shit, I just replaced my gold Casio, I actually feel sad, but this iWatch motherfucker is the shit. No you don’t understand! This motherfucker is the shit!! It fucking measures your blood pressure, your heartbeat per second, your motherfucking calories, your body fat. I have a fucking doctor on my fucking wrist! And on top of that, no matter where I am I can still check all my messages and likes without disturbing the peace or going to my phone and changing the music while I am dancing. This is just fucking amazing. No excuses.
Today I just got my swimming pass and from now on, every day, 7 o’clock in the morning, your boy Dr. Kizomba will be in the pool, since I hate running and I love swimming. 1K a day in the water. Don’t worry you gonna see me in speedos real soon. Black panther in the water, swimming like a motherfucker, better than the colonizer. Yes! I am a medalist professional swimmer, bitches!
Spring bling is tonight! We starting already at 7pm kuduro for kids, 8pm kuduro for adults. Let’s make it happen.
For my facebook people, I’m loving how you’re interacting on my posts. We having a lot of fun with this motherfucker! On a good note, we doing this for the love.
5 o’clock my people, time to run from your job. Run! Get out of your job, right now. Get out!!!
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